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This is what got me to start Michezo

This has been long overdue. Starting a blog has been on my TO-DO list for the longest time. While most people out there picked up new hobbies, mastered old rusty skills and took their businesses two levels higher during this quarantine, I’ll be honest – I took this time to pause, think (& not think), relax and go slow. Hence, I’m starting this blog 2 months too late, I guess.

So, let me introduce myself. I’m Cece. Born and brought up in a small town in the foothills of the Himalayas in Northern India, I spent the first 15 years of life in and around the mountains. And for the next 12 years, I traveled and lived all over the country, pursuing my undergraduate and graduate degrees and working in the corporate, before starting this new chapter of my life in the US.

View of San Francisco from behind the Golden Gate Bridge
My Favorite View of SF

I moved to San Francisco about 2 years back with my husband, right after our wedding. Even though it was my first time in America, I had read, heard and watched so much about the US, that it didn’t feel new or strange (in a good way, of course). At the same time, I had such a long list of things I wanted to do here and places I wanted to see, that I started exploring this beautiful country without wasting any time. I traveled with my husband, family, friends and even solo, but I ensured to make at least 1 trip a month.

Getting used to the life here took a while, but there’s something about SF – not sure whether its the weather, the friendly faces, or the chilled out vibe – that made me fall in love with it almost immediately. About 4 months into this new life and with so much time in hand, I set out to explore the art & craft scene here because that’s what drives me. Craft has always been my stress buster! Each time I visited a craft show, it inspired me a little (and a little more) and I realized I was getting hooked on to it. Soon enough, I knew I wanted to be a part of those events, get to know those super talented makers & artists closely, interact with all the friendly locals who came out to shop small each time!

I vaguely had a product I wanted to try out (more on that another day) but I was clueless about everything else. I started with baby steps – working on the actual product, figuring out the legalities and understanding the market. And that’s how Michezo was born.


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